Audrey Knight OTK

Lawyer Audrey Knight comes to find Mr Ford

In the latest episode of My Spanking Roommate we see the aftermath of a previous spanking. Mr Ford had spanked Alanah Rae for not paying him for some work, so Alanah furious at being spanked so hard gets her lawyer, Audrey Knight, to pay him a visit. Audrey has all the paperwork for Mr Ford to sign when she knocks on his door but Mr Ford is unco-operative.

Thus, the sexy, curvy lawyer also goes over Mr Ford’s knee until she agrees to waive all claims…

When Mr Ford disagrees with her claims he spanks her bottom until she changes her case over his knee

Audrey Knight is gorgeous, she looks very sexy and has a petite body with luscious breasts and a pert bottom… perfection! She gets her tight skirt pulled up and her bare bottom spanked hard until she repents and drops the case. She is made to rewrite the papers there and then as she is getting her bare bottom spanked. But even at the end this little madam still has the cheek to give Mr Ford a finger gesture as she leaves.

Watch this full scene of sexy lawyer Audrey getting a very sexy M/F spanking only at My Spanking Roommate!

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