Caned in the Woods

Sarah bends over a tree for the cane outdoors in the woods

A punishment can happen at any time.. if that happens to be outdoors, in the woods, then so be it… luckily here Sarah gets the special treat of a cold-caning, and in this case it really does look chilly so that really is a cold caning.

The woods are the perfect place for it. Even if you don’t have an implement to hand there are plenty of stray branches in the wood that could maybe be modified and used instead 🙂

Sarah's lovely bottom gets 20 hard strokes of the cane

Unfortunately for Sarah she gets caught in a very compromising position by a man who happens to carry a cane with him. Sarah is undressed so she is told to put on her clothes before being led over to the woods for twenty strokes of the cane. With her trousers pulled down in her pink wellies and bending over a tree stump that lovely MILF bottom is naked and on display to anyone who might be walking past with their dog. As the cane swooshes round to twang across her rump does she yells out as the thick cane stings her cold bottom.

Sarah has a lovely bottom after her caning

Luckily for us Sarah has a lovely bottom and watching it react to the cane in the fresh air is just the tonic!

See plenty more of spankee, Sarah, at her website… Spanking Sarah.

Spanking Sarah

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