Girl Spanked for not returning Clean Panties

Girl Spanked for not returning Clean Panties

Borrowing another girl’s panties and not bringing them back washed is a spankable offence. If it wasn’t before this girl has just added the rule to the rulebook when she confronts her roommate in the kitchen. How dare she borrow panties and not wash them afterwards. Her friend is furious, especially as she’s taking so much care in washing the dishes. Why could she not have washed them when she was finished with them?

To show her roomie how mad she is the girl bends her over the kitchen counter and starts slapping her butt. When the skirt starts to get in the way she first lifts it up and spanks underneath it, then tired of fiddling about, she whisks it off in one swift movement. While the girl is very apologetic it does not satisfy anyone. The apologies roll off her tongue a little too easily and it seems as if she’ll say anything to avoid a spanking. But just like the panties are unwashed, that behavior is not going to wash either and her girlfriend continues to lecture her on the rights and wrongs of what she has done… while still spanking her bottom.

As you can see from the photo, above, the spanking really hots up when those lacy red panties are pulled down and her red ass gets even redder. See the sample movies and watch all the full-length movies at Bad Tushy!

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