Exam Cheating earns a Hard Ass Spanking

Exam Cheating earns a Hard Ass Spanking for naughty girl

Ms Quinn is a strict teacher. Her strictness is only equalled by her sexy big boobs. When this sexy, busty redheaded teacher sees bad behaviour in HER classroom it is time for the spankings to begin. This time a naughty blonde girl has been caught writing the answers to the exam questions on her hand. This is cheating!! See how she is punished in these classroom spanking movies.

I have always been a fan of Kayla Quinn and her new role of being a sexy spanking MILF is her hottest yet. She ignores the naughty girl’s cries and yelps and spanks her pale buttocks hard with the large, leather paddle. Seeing a sexy girl getting spanked is nice but seeing a beautiful spanker and a beautiful spankee can make the temperature rise off the scale. Especially when the strict teacher spanks as hard as Ms Quinn does.

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