Julie Simone and Clare Fonda

Julie Simone spanks Clare Fonda for disciplinging her sister, Madison

Today we have one of my favourite types of spankings.. this scene features spanking stars Clare Fonda and Julie Simone in a delicious MILF-on-MILF spanking. Julie plays Virginia, Madison’s older sister. She is unhappy about Madison getting spanked by her neighbour, so she goes round to confront the neighbour, Clare. She walks straight into the house and finds Clare in the back bedroom combing her hair ready for her date with a guy she met on a chatroom. Virginia tells Clare how she’s upset about all the spankings she’s been giving to her sister and pushes her face-down on the bed for a hard hand-spanking on her brown panties.

Clare gets well-spanked with the hand and hairbrush of her neighbour’s angry sister, til flustered, she is allowed to get up and compose herself. She pulls up her brown panties (are brown panties in fashion?) and sits her very sore bottom on the bed then tells Virginia that she really didn’t spank Madison very much at all, in fact she even offers to demonstrate exactly how she spanked her… foolishly Virginia agrees to sample one of Clare’s famous spankings. At first she grins a very lovely grin as Clare begins to slap her delicious bottom…

When Clare spanks her back Julie seems to enjoy it at first

Julie Simone has a wonderful bottom, as you can see from this angle as she starts to get some very rosy cheeks…

Julie's grin soon turns into a grimace as Clare continues to spank her big, bare bottom

Julie Simone and Clare Fonda spanking gallery

I love this update! Not only does it have Clare Fonda giving and receiving, but it also has Julie Simone, a strict spanker and also with a delightful, full bottom. Both ladies have wonderful, white bottoms that you’ll enjoy watching change colour as each lady spanks the other in this very sexy movie.

Watch this movie of sexy ladies Julie Simone and Clare Fonda spanking each other’s naughty MILF bottoms and see the full cast of Madison Martin, Kay Richards, Chloe Elise, and more get their upturned bottoms dealt with firmly only at My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

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  1. Ms. Fonda, for a middle-aged woman, still has a nice behind. Yet, her best calling is the
    Mother/son spanking theme. Damn. I want to spend some quality time over her lap.
    Also, Eve Howard, Kelly Payne, Dana Specht, Miss Chris, Dana Kane and…and….
    Excuse me, I am having a moment now and I have to leave.

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