English Discipline as School Bully is Spanked

Miss Kelly and Miss Daisa are back in these schoolgirl* spanking movies at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View. This time they are teaching the school bully not to go round bullying people. This girl, Georgina, has been cruel and nasty to her classmates for months so when she is finally brought before the two American teachers she should know that she’s going to be in for a hard punishment… and that’s what she gets!

The first clip in the series of 5 has the girl OTK getting the hardest bare ass hand-spanking I’ve ever seen. You can see that the teacher is really spanking hard, but when she pauses and thinks about how the bad girl just answered her, she gets mad and delivers some really hard blows using her full upper body before returning to the regular, fast pace spanking. I’m not sure which of the two teachers spanks the harder with her hand but after the first has given her a hard handspanking she gets transferred across the lap of the other for another hard spanking before bending over for some strapping and finally, caning.

If you like really hard girl-on-girl spanking this movie is for you. Both teachers spank with full force and by the end of the caning she’s sobbing freely as they lecture her and continue to cane her naughty bottom. While the two teachers are American they are visiting an English school so you also get the irony of a naughty English brat being given some English Discipline by the Americans. I’m sure the girl wasn’t thinking about the irony as she was being spanked though….

The full movies are available on Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View.

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

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