Interracial Lesbian Spanking

Interracial Lesbian Spanking

The story behind these OTK spanking movies is that the ebony girl has turned up at a house where there is going to be a party with lots of show biz people, she’s just going to be serving drinks but she has aspirations to be a famous singer. The hostess of the party, a tall blonde lady, tells her that the people who will be arriving later like to give the waitresses a spanking so if she wants to please them and get a recording contract she’ll have to take a spanking that night. In addition, the hostess is a little unsure the girl will take her spanking properly in front of her guests so she insists on giving her a practice OTK session.

This is a really nice girl-girl spanking scene. The ebony chick has a great body with a nice big, round ass and she gets it well warmed by the white woman. I’m imagining the scene later that day at the party with her wearing a little french maid’s outfit and bending over for more of the same. Sounds hot!!

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