The Chelsea Pfeiffer Method

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Elise Graves OTK

Acting coach, Chelsea Pfeiffer, is a little less than thrilled with Elise Graves’s interpretation of Lady Macbeth’s monologue from the Scottish play. Soon, Elise gets a good dose of “The Chelsea Pfeiffer Method” of learning to act! … and so the final part Elise’s punishment see’s Chelsea complete her hand-spanking and finish off her rosy red buttocks with a selection of implements…

Elise Graves gets the paddle on her bare bottom

Chelsea Pfeiffer is looking as hot as ever in this update. She has always been a very sexy top and combines that sexiness with a very hard and strict spanking-style. She punishes Elise Graves for her bad acting, who is looking equally fine. The sexy brunette bends over in her high-heels with her black panties around her ankles and her bottom bared for Chelsea’s paddle. And once her spanking is over she remains in position to rub those tender cheeks…

Elise rubs her very sore and rosy bottom

This update is one of the latest from Chelsea’s own spanking website where she makes sure the many hot babes are properly punished. The site, Good Spanking, comes together with Good Spanking Classics which features many of the best scenes from spanking movies you may have seen in the past… or if you, like me, were not lucky enough to catch them first time round, this archive is a must-have collection! Chelsea Pfeiffer is a very sexy top who is one of the most fearsome female spankers out there. Download more from Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites.

Chelsea Pfeiffer's Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics Websites

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