Tina Tink and Lavender Rayne

Lavender Rayne spanks Tina Tink at her modeling interview

Today I am happy to announce two new additions to these pages: Tina Tink and Lavender Rayne! I haven’t seen either of these two ladies before, so it was a pleasant surprise to find them together in this lovely nude spanking scene on Girl Spanks Girl!

You may know that Girl Spanks Girl is split into three sections, with three different types of spankings: disciplinary, sensual and erotic. As you’d expect the disciplanry section contains some very strict no-nonsense spankings applied to naughty ladies’ bottoms (like the infamous classroom series: Exclusive Education), sensual is self-explanatory and erotic is a mixture of sexy girl-on-girl spanking and some lovely lesbian sex.

This update appears in the erotic section and begins with Tina Tink showing up to a modeling interview at Lavender’s house and explaining that she has done some spanking work before, then demonstrating to Lavender what has happened to her in the past by spanking her lightly over her short skirt and grabbing her hair as she slaps her butt. Tina has showed that she is adventurous, the interview is going well. Next she shows off her striptease skills as she slowly peels off her dress and panties. Then, Lavender tells her to wait while she goes to get her camera to take some test shots. She leaves but when she returns instead of using the camera, she is wearing a strapon and wants to see how well Tina can fuck. Lavender fucks Tina with her strapon until Tina cums all over it. But Tina has been exploited, thus begin the spankings…

Lavender Rayne spanks Tina Tink at her modeling interview gallery

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