Madam gets a hard spanking!

James spanks Clare's bottom OTK

Madam Clare Fonda has been called in to speak to James Mitchell, her boss. James is not happy with Clare at all. He is a busy man but not only has he had to spank two of the girls already today but Clare is forcing him to discipline her aswell. He unhappily takes her over his knee but the punishment has hardly begun when the back-chatting starts. He then realizes that not only is Clare provoking him with her words, she’s also chewing gum. She knew that he was unhappy with her, and yet she still chews gum? This does not bode well for Clare’s bottom… Clare’s bottom gets a long, hard hand spanking from James, as you can see…

Clare Fonda's bottom gets a bright, rosy red from the spanking

…And if the spanking is not enogh to teach Clare a lesson, there’s some added humiliations for her along the way as James tries to make her realize that she is responsible for all her callgirls’ behaviour. It’s a very firm M/F spanking from the kinky Spanked Callgirls website and it really seems like James is spanking Clare’s milky white bottom a little two hard for her liking as we get some delicious closeups of her pained expressions. The whole scene ends with Clare’s bottom bare and bright red and her mouth well-soaped, but it seems that there are more naughty ladies who require James’ attention today.

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Spanked Callgirls

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