Desiree’s Back to School spanking

Desiree's Back to School spanking

In “Back to School” college student, Desiree, goes to see lifecoach, Lana. She soon realizes that Lana takes discipline very seriously indeed and it is not long before she is sampling this discipline as she is upended and gets her round bottom spanked hard. She starts off in pigtails and a smart school uniform but Lana makes her remove her blouse and skirt before bending over her lap in only her vest, panties and long socks. As the spanking continues the panties get pulled down and Desiree has the humiliation of getting her bare bottom spanked til it’s red.

The story behind this video is that Clare Fonda’s friend Lana told her she had a new girl who wanted some work. Desiree was new to LA and certainly new to doing a two hour video in which Lana spanked her ass every which way including several grueling over the knee sessions and a caning leaving our new model hot, bothered and with a red raw bottom. Lana does not go easy on friends – infact, Clare Fonda can attest – she goes harder.

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  1. Excellent. We need to see more strong butch black ladies removing the panties of naughty white women and giving them a good spanking.

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