Two Sexy Ladies in a Sixty-Nine Spanking

Amber Dawn and Anna Evans spank each other's bare bottoms in this 69 spanking

This photograph is beautiful. It features redhead Amber Dawn and her blonde girlfriend Anna Evans in a nude spanking on the bed. I call it the sixty-nine spanking because each girl is spanking the other at the same time. The two girls are both kneeling on the white bedsheets and the photograph is taken in the mirror, making the girls look quite a long way away and very much like a voyeuristic peek into their sexy lesbian sexlife.

You can see that Amber’s bottom is looking very red indeed, it looks especially lovely as she has been oiled up and her radiant bottom is both glowing and shining. Anna’s bottom is not oiled up but is getting just as red from the spanking she is receiving.

Amber Dawn is the sexy lady behind many scantily-clad and nude spankings at her two websites Spank Amber and Amber Spanks, by joining one website you can get access to both and see the sexy redhead spanking all her sexy girlfriends… and getting her own curvy bottom spanked hard. Aswell as getting spanked by her female friends Amber is also spanked by her “Daddy” and there’s also some sex and spanking to enjoy as Amber, naked and horny, gets fucked after her spankings.

Spank Amber

EDIT: It looks like Amber no longer has a spanking website. Her website is now dedicated mainly to glamour and hardcore sex, but you’ll still find some spanking there.

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