Allaura Shane gets Spanked for Rumours

Allaura Shane bends over in the kitchen for Alison Miller to punish her

When Allaura Shane starts spreading rumours about Alison’s boyfriend it is time for the feiry redhead to take some firm action. Alison confronts her while she is busy cooking in the kitchen and the two ladies start to argue about what has happened. But, there can be only one outcome to this problem when sexy Alison Miller with her bright, long, red hair bends Allaura over the kitchen counter and pulls down those denim shorts to punish that juicy bottom with the bath brush.

Allaura’s bottom is wonderful. Her plump, firm and juicy bottom sticks out deliciously as she bends over. Alison appreciates the fantastic canvas she has to work with and paints Allaura’s bottom a pretty pink colour with her solid, wooden bathbrush. The naughty rumour-monger gets a full 30 swats of the brush on her gorgeous, round bottom…

Allaura Shane shows off her juicy, plump bottom after it has been spanked with the bath brush

You may have seen Alison Miller before and she has shown that not only can she take a hard spanking, but she can also dish it out aswell. Allaura is brand new to the spanking scene and is a very welcome addition. The pretty and cute brunette looks lovely. She has some nice tattoos and a luscious big booty that you’ll enjoy seeing get a good smacking with Alison’s long and hard hairbrush. This very sexy girl-on-girl kitchen spanking is just one of this weeks’ triple header at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

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