Snow gets Outnumbered

Snow Mercy spanks Chloe Elise

In episode 52 of My Spanking Roommate we see the classic power shift that happens in every spanking, only here that struggle gets reversed. Snow Mercy has not paid her rent again so her roommate Chloe Elise tries to punish her for it with a spanking, but in this case Snow is able to overpower Chloe and give her a spanking instead…

Gallery 1 – Snow spanks Chloe

But when Chloe recruits Kailee the two girls together are able to outnumber and overpower Snow finally give her the spanking she deserves. They take turns in spanking her, first with the hand, then with a ping pong paddle.

Gallery 2 – Chloe and Kailee overpower Snow and spank her

Chloe and Kailee gang up and spank Snow Mercy

This is a magnificent spanking that almost does not happen as for a while it looks like the villian of the piece, Snow, is not only going to get off Scott-free but has dished out a juicy spanking to poor Chloe in the process. Luckily, there is a happy ending and a thorough spanking is delivered to Snow’s ample, white posterior! The highlight for me is seeing Snow’s lovely bottom peeking though the slit in her sparkley, gold dress, but you’ll also love to see Chloe get the very unfair spanking at the beginning.

It’s another delicious all-girl spanking featuring three of the finest switches… download the full scene only at My Spanking Roommate!

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