Sinn Sage Spanking Updates

We’ve not posted much about Sinn Sage recently so here’s some more of her hot girl-girl updates from the past few weeks. First off we see Sinn getting a well-deserved spanking from Chelsea Pfeiffer

Chelsea uses the leather strap on Sinn's exposed bare bottom as she lies OTK

Chelsea drags her fingernails against Sinn's beautiful, sore, red bottom

…then Sinn also gets spanked by Dylan Ryan, the girl in the hat, in a vintage style nude lesbian spanking where the two girls both switch and spank each other in various states of undress…

Sinn pleasures herself while Dylan snaps the martinet down upon Sinn's beautiful bottom cheeks

After the flogging it's time for a more sensual OTK spanking

Sinn Sage rubs her pretty, cherry red buttocks

This may sound like a strange thing to say but I really like the look of cute Sinn lying OTK on the soft, velvety sofa. The texture of Sinn’s smooth skin and the silky warmth of the sofa looks delicious, especially when that beautiful picture also sees Sinn’s lovely pert bottom getting a stinging spanking at the same time. The perfect blend of comfort, pleasure and pain!

Sinn is looking prettier than ever at the moment and it is a pleasure to see her get a hard and satisfying spanking from one of the caring ladies in her life. See many more spankings of beautiful Sinn and her sexy girlfriends at Spank Sinn!

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