Mistress Jemstone

Mistress Jemstone spanks a naughty submissive girl

Mistress Jemstone is a big, beautiful, British dominatrix. From what I’ve seen so far she either has bright dyed-red hair, or she wears brown wigs but whatever her hair looks like she’s always very curvy and very busty.

She is a Mistress and like the subtitle of her website says: “Payback’s a Bitch”. Jemstone does not care whether the submissive is male or female, she treats them all in the same way, very harshly! For the men she ties up and kicks their cocks and balls for added humiliation but that’s the only difference. With every sub she is very strict and stern, she sounds especially dominant with her sharp and deep British accent.

Here Mistress Jemstone is dealing with a cute blonde slavegirl with bunches. Jemstone is wearing a military outfit for added effect and you can see that the whole scene is colour co-ordinated as the red of the Mistress’s hair matches the red of the paddle and the red in her belt and the red of the naughty submissive’s outfit…

Mistress Jemstone spanks a naughty submissive girl – movies

The reason for Jemstone’s “Payback” is that she has worked in porn for years and was mistreated for that whole time. There cama day where not only did she not want to be treated that way anymore but she also wanted to get her own back. Thus spawned her website: Mistress Jemstone! There is plenty of spanking along with whipping, BDSM, masturbation for the slaves, hardcore and kicking in the male slaves’ balls. Not for the feint of heart!

As Mistress Jemstone says herself…

Watch as I humiliate, degrade and completely dominate all these bitches until they wimper like the pathetic little sluts they are. Paybacks a bitch and I’m one fucking nasty bitch who you dont want to mess with!!!

Mistress Jemstone

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