Naughty Heidi is Spanked and Fucked

Naughty Heidi is Spanked and Fucked

When Heidi tells her gym teacher to “Fuck Off” she is sent to the Headmaster who sends her into the corner to think about what she has done while he finishes what he is doing in these spanking and fucking movies.

The headmaster is a strict and powerful man. He makes Heidi explain why she has been sent to his office and when she tells him what she has done he has no option but to do the “usual thing” and “flog her bottom”. He starts off with her over the knee and takes great pleasure in smacking her firmly and deliberately over her white, cotton knickers. He slaps her firm butt and also the backs of her legs, making sure there’s visible evidence of her spanking when she returns to gym class. Then he gets her to bend over his desk for a good caning on the bare bum.

Seeing the girl’s fine ass bared for the caning he is able to inspect her hind quarters and gets very turned on by the naughty sixth former… so turned on that the girl soon has his hard cock thrust in her mouth and she is able to make up for her bad behavior and thank him for teaching her a lesson by sucking his dick. It appears that Heidi is a kinky girl, her pussy has gotten all wet from her punishment and now she has her teacher’s hard dick in her mouth, maybe he has another lesson he can teach her tight pussy.

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