Annabell Lee Spanked OTK

Annabell Lee at Spanked Sweeties

If you like seeing the before and after photos of a spanking or, in this case, before and during, then take a look at Annabell Lee in these photos from Spanked Sweeties. As you can see, she’s a sweet-looking girl. She’s also a redhead and has a playful look in her eyes. The “before” photo is nice but the picture below couldn’t be more different…

Annabell Lee Spanked OTK by Clare Fonda

Annabell is taken over Clare’s knee and is spanked, first over her cute white panties, then on the bare. It’s a very hot scene. She takes her spanking well and even sticks out her pert, red bottom afterwards so we can inspect Clare’s work. Very nice hand-spanking indeed and I think that Annabell Lee will be a good girl for a while..

A hot girl in a hot scene is always going to be a winner and that’s just what you get every time with Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties

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