A Tale of Four Spankings…

Naughty blonde gets her bottom spanked with the hairbrush

Here are four mixed spanking clips from Master Len and Amateur Bondage Videos (two clips have the wrong photo attached to them but all four movies are there!)

While there is no caning in any of these sample clips a lot of the spanking bases are covered. There’s an OTK hairbrushing, OTK handspanking on the bare bottom, a belt thrashing and a post-spanking bottom rub. The first and last clips stand out here for me:

The blonde with short hair is just beginning a massive 17 minutes of punishment. We see her at the end of the first minute and Master Len has started strongly with the hairbrush. The girl is wearing a thong which means that apart from a little modesty she might as well be bare-bottomed. There has obviously been some back-chatting going on from this girl making her perfect for Spank Bad Ass and seeing this babe with a bad attitude get her hand secured behind her and her naughty ass continuedly spanked with the hairbrush is very hot indeed.

Also, check out the belt thrashing clip. A different girl is lying on her front on the bed, she was being punished by Master Len but continued misbehavior during her punishment forced Len to take off his leather belt and teach this bad girl a proper lesson. With her legs spread and her pert, little bottom sticking right up in the air Master Len stand right behind her, inbetween her legs, and hits her naughty buttocks hard with his wide leather belt. A delicious full-force belting on this naughty girl’s bottom!

As the name suggests, the website covers more than just spanking, see for yourself at Amateur Bondage Videos.

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