Ebony Girl Spanked and Caned

Ebony Girl Spanked and Caned

I like girls of all colors. It’s nice to get the variation between white girls, asian girls, latina girls and black girls. Something I’ve noticed from watching many different girls in many different spanking movies is that some black girls are able to take more punishment than some other girls. This isn’t always the case but in this black girl getting caned movie the girl takes an OTK hand spanking and a hard caning very well, she yells after every stroke but manages to stay perfectly in place for the next stroke.

The spanker is an English woman who is frustrated that the girl has taken up her entire afternoon so tells her she’s going to spank and then cane her. The OTK is ok but for me the caning was the best part of this scene. The woman with the snooty English accent strikes her hard across her bottom with the cane leaving pale marks across her chocolate colored bottom. By the end you can just about count the number of strokes by the number of marks on her tender rear. A nice interracial punishment from the “Class of 2002” spanking movie at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View!

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