Spanked for going through Teacher’s Desk

Girl spanked for going through the Teacher's Desk

Kayla Quinn is on fine form in these classroom spanking movies. She’s caught one of her pupils* going through her desk and now the naughty girl is due a good spanking over the very desk she was rifling through.

“You’ve got to… learn to… respect… other… people’s… property” chants Ms Quinn rhythmically as she beats the message into the girl’s naughty bottom with a leather paddle. The girl understands what she has done wrong right away but it’s time to make sure she remembers as the teacher makes her pull down her panties and remove her skirt so she can be paddled bare bottom. And the paddling rains down on her ass as she obediently holds her position across the desk, gritting her teeth as the strong teacher lets rip on her bare cheeks…

The spanked girl is hot and the action is hard and fast, but if all that isn’t enough you also get to see flashes Kayla Quinn’s heaving bosom as her partly unbuttoned shirt almost shows us a little too much. See much more of this at Bad Tushy!

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

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