Girl Spanked for Every Dollar she stole

Girl is Spanked for Every Dollar she stole

Everyone loves a story that has a happy ending. This is a story that starts out as a crime thriller when some money mysteriously goes missing, but there is a twist in the tail when the culprit is caught red-handed and justice is served as the thief is spanked on the sofa.

It might sound like the movie is almost over but it is just getting warmed up. The naughty thief resists and struggles when she’s spanked. Both girls are about the same size so what follows is part cat-fight, part spanking. She is held over the knee and spanked hard as the other girl struggles to keep her in place. Only when the girl is finally in place with a very sore bottom already can the countdown begin. The countdown is one spank for every dollar stolen, and 100 dollars went missing… looks like this dishonest girl will end up with a very sore bottom by the time the credits role on this action movie.

See the full spanking flick at Bad Tushy!

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