Hockey Lesson goes Wrong

Miss Hayley has trouble getting her students' attention on the hockey field

If ever a group of ladies needed discipline it is this group of unruly British babes. The naughty St. Mackenzie’s ladies are on the sports field taking a P.E. lesson in hockey. The teacher, Mayley-Marie Coppin, is herself a very beautiful model and all her students consist of the sexiest glamour models in the UK.

In today’s lesson the girls are messing around and not taking much notice of the teacher. Two of the students are fairly well-behaved and have dressed themselves in the correct outfit, including regulation knickers and bras. Candice Collyer has forgotten her sports kit altogether and is being most disruptive after being made to do PE in her leopard print, non-regulation underwear. She and her girlfriend, Cat O’Connell, also in non-regulation underwear, are being more troublesome than the rest so Miss Hayley decides that her hockey class will be better if she just lets the two troublemakers go off on their own and leave her to teach the hockey moves. Candice and Cat disappear off into the bushes dare each other to strip naked and mess around with each other.

Two British ladies show off their sexy bottoms in regulation knickers

To complete this sexy, all-girl fantasy it would only be right for all the students to get a spanking for their misbehaviour during P.E., especially the two main troublemakers who should probably even get the cane. And, for her inability to keep her ladies under control the gorgeous, blonde teacher should have to go the the headmistress’s office to explain her own behaviour and why she let two students wander off into the forest. Perhaps this niave teacher could also learn from some strict discipline on her bare bottom. As she was in a position of authority, perhaps Hayley-Marie should get a long, hard hand spanking followed by the heavy strap. Headmistress McKenzie certainly has a lot to deal with after this episode, that’s for sure!

St. Mackenzie’s is an English all-girls school where naughty things happen. Students have sex with students, the sexy headmistress seduces her students; students are very naughty and are often playing together and getting disciplined. They play inside, outside, in groups, solo, anything you can imagine. Each lady has a different role. McKenzie is the headmistress, Miss Hayley is the P.E. teacher and there are other teachers, secretaries and cleaners as well as all the students, prefects and head girl.. St. Mackenzie’s

St Mackenzie's

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