Dress Code Violation Spanking

Dress Code Violation Spanking

When this defiant girl openly flaunts her body in school and breaks the school rules at the same time, her teacher, strict Mrs Vasquez, calls her to the front of the class in these spanking over the desk movies.

At the beginning the girl knows she’s broken the rules but she yells back that she doesn’t care. Her feelings change a little when her strict teacher has lifted her over her knee… and by the time her panties come off and the bare bottom paddling begins she is a completely new girl. Talk about attitude adjustment!

The girl is hot, there’s no mistaking that, but lets look at her teacher aswell. Mrs Vasquez is wearing a minidress suit with a very low cut top. With her sexy accent she reminds me of the sexy languages teacher everyone has a crush on at school. Its kind of ironic that on the day she has to discipline a student for her dress the sexy teacher is wearing an almost obscenely short dress showing off her long, golden brown legs. If I was in charge of this school I would want to see Mrs Vasquez in my office after school to explain her own choice of clothing.

See the full school spanking movie at Bad Tushy!

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