Teacher spanks girl for cheating in tests

Teacher spanks girl for cheating in tests

Getting caught cheating in class once might be unlucky… but after you’ve already been caught getting caught a second time is just crazy but thats what happens to this girl before these spanking movies.

There is much to like here. First of all the two lovely ladies, Mrs Vasquez (the teacher) and the lovely girl, are very hot, Mrs Vasquez in particular is as sexy as ever. Secondly I like the way the girl firmly denies cheating to begin with. “I did not cheat” she yells.. but the story soon changes as she is taken over the knee and her tone softens and she seems much more unsure about whether or not she cheated. Finally after a good bare bottomed spanking with the paddle the girl admits her guilt and starts to promise never to cheat again. I think the strict teacher has heard it all before and needs to make extra sure this time..

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