Mrs Kanda shows us how to Spank!

Mrs Kanda starts off by spanking the Japanese girl OTK over her skirt

Mrs Kanda is a strict disciplinarian. She knows that in order to have a harmonious household it is her duty to rule the household with an iron fist. The ladies under her will, at the very least, respect her. Mrs Kanda is kind and caring but she understands that without discipline there is chaos. Here, in her instructional video she introduces the scene…

“Again, I would like to talk about how to discipline your beloved daughter through spanking.”

There is some resistance when the skirt is flipped up

Mrs Kanda is an old, wise Japanese lady. For the purpose of the demonstration she shows us how to spank a beautiful 18 year old Japanese teen who is wearing a school uniform*. She calls the girl over from her starting position of facing the corner and brings her over her knee.

This may be a demonstration but there is nothing pretend about this spanking, Mrs Kanda holds her hand high in the air and swiftly swings it down hard and fast so as to give the naughty schoolgirl a painful shock in her cute, curvy bottom. If a spanking is worth giving, it is worth giving at full force! She starts off over the girl’s skirt, but then the skirt is flipped up and her white panties lowered for a nice bare bottom spanking. The naughty spankee tries to resist the baring of her sweet, Japanese bottom but one stern smack from Mrs Kanda convinces her not to cause a fuss and her sweet cheeks are soon bare and exposed. If the girl is a little rebellious at first she soon learns to submit quietly to her hard hand spanking…

Naughty Japanese schoolgirl getting her bare bottom spanked OTK

At last, with the girl’s panties around her thighs and her bare bottom getting spanked soundly it seems like she is learning her lesson. Harmony has been restored to the household and this young lady will think twice before getting herself into any trouble in future. Another happy ending brought to you by all-girl Japanese spanking website Cutie Spankee!

Cutie Spankee

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

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