Leah’s Real-Life Spankings

Leah's Real-Life Spankings

This movie is called “Leah’s Real Spankings” and is from Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View some of the scenes make me think back to the first time I ever saw a grown woman get a spanking… and enjoy it.

Not only did she enjoy it.. she loved it!! The spanking made her so hot and horny that she grabbed her man as quick as she could and he fucked her in a few steps away in a dark corridor.

The spankings here in Leah’s Real Spankings are similar in that everyone involved loves to give or receive a good spanking. In the scene above a pretty woman, wearing a tight top and these cute denim hotpants, is in for an OTK session. She starts off over the lap of a slightly chubby lady with big boobs who smacks hard but doesn’t make too much impact on the girl’s bottom through the denim so it’s time for a change of spanker and.. guess what.. those shorts are going to have to come down.

This girl is the kind of girl who lives on your street. She’s pretty in a natural way, nice-looking and friendly. She looks after herself and has a slim body with a slightly fleshy bottom that looks nice and round in those denim shorts but pull her shorts down and you see two fleshy globes that jiggle delightfully as she’s spanked hard. Her pale, white buttocks were left a pink-ish color by the busty lady are now free to get spanked a deep red color by the guy who does not hold back on her tender, bare ass.

While the spanking is obviously hurting (as it should do) it is just as clear that she’s enjoying every minute of it. Makes me wonder what she got up to after the spanking… watch the whole DVD online at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View

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