Amazing Ass Needs Another Spanking…

Girl gets a nice, hard reunion spanking

In these nice excerpts from the Real Spanking Video DVD called “Reunion Spanking” at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View we see the reunion of a spankee with a man who loves to spank her.

While spankings are very sexual they do not have to involve sex and both the girl and the guy may well be married to other people they just have one thing in common.. they love spanking. The girl loves the feeling she gets over the knee of a strong man as he spanks her bottom till it feels like its on fire. The guy loves her pretty little ass, he says it’s “irresistable” as she lies OTK and her pert bottom jiggles under her flimsy shorts.

She does have a lovely bottom! It looks great from the side as it sticks up in the air waiting for the next spank and it looks fine from the back as it jiggles under the force of every blow.

While this is a very hard hand spanking on the bare, she loves every second of it. In facts she was the one who “asked” for the spanking and while her bottom stings and hurts she loves a really hard spanking on her bare bottom because she’s such a bad girl. And remember, this is a reunion spanking, he hasn’t spanked her cute bottom for some time so he has a lot of naughtiness to correct her for. They both like it when he spanks her ass, so why has she been away so long? Whatever the reason he gives her a very good, hard spanking that she’ll not forget easily. It should remind her to come back and ask for her spanking again soon.

It’s another hard Real Spanking Video scene available on Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View.

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