Cutie in short denim shorts…

Brynn Tyler is a teen pornstar. She’s been one of the top 18/19 year old ladies on the porn scene in the past year or so. She’s very pretty and her scenes are always electric but here we see another side of this naughty lady. On Spanked Sweeties she acts out a couple of spanking fantasies. First she’s spanked by a guy then she gets a spatula spanking from Clare Fonda.

The M/F spanking is very sexy indeed with Brynn stripping naked and getting spanked nude OTK by her boyfriend on the sofa.

Here are some photos from the F/F fantasy that is much more in the domestic discipline style. I like the first photo in the series, Clare looks menacing and Brynn’s pretty face is all scrunched up from the pain/shock of her standing-up spanking in the kitchen..

Clare Fonda looks sternly at Brynn Tyler as she spanks her bottom standing up

But, if Brynn Tyler’s face is pretty, her bottom is delicious in those little, denim shorts. Have you ever seen a lovelier pair of Daisy Dukes on a slim white girl’s bottom?

Brynn Tyler's bottom looks amazing in those little, Daisy Dukes denim shorts

And if those Daisy Dukes look good when Brynn is standing up getting spanked against the kitchen wall, they certainly look great when she is over the knee getting a firm spanking on her pretty, little bottom…

Brynn Tyler getting spanked OTK in her Daisy Dukes

Here are some sample photos from the sexy F/F scene that is timeless. With Clare in a sensible Momma-style dress and Brynn in a t-shirt and short denim shorts this spanking could have been from any time in the past 40 years…

If you like to see sexy, little 18 and 19 year olds getting spanked and talking about their spanking experiences then Spanked Sweeties is the site for you. Some of the girls have been spanked in the past and some are brand new to spanking and are spanked for the first time on the website.

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

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