Beautiful Big Round Ebony Bottom Spanked

Beautiful Big Round Ebony Bottom Spanked

All bottoms are not created equal and this girl’s beautiful round bottom was created more equal than many. Her big round rump looks so hot as she asks for her spanking and while there is a lot of talking here its a nice scene that is worth checking out for that Beautiful Big Round Ebony Bottom!!

When thinking of a bottom to spank there’s probably not one perfect size or shape. There are small pert bottoms and big round bottoms. I like a bottom that has a curviness in it. And this babe has all the curviness you need and not only that.. she loves getting spanked.

Knowing a lady with a nice big bottom who likes her buns being spanked hard and often is like winning the lottery. It can transform everyday, mundane situations into thrillingly sexy escapades. Imagine throwing a dinner party with this girl, the party is catered for but the hostess brings out the food and makes sure everyone’s glass is topped up. Imagine, in a room full of friends how one little slip could bring her next spanking forward and lead to her bottom being bared and slapped in front of all the guests. The spanking would be loud and hard and quite long but would really be for show and a kind of foreplay for the main spanking later that night.

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6 thoughts to “Beautiful Big Round Ebony Bottom Spanked”

  1. Sorry Marc. In my defense this post was from 2007. If I was to guess I’d say it may have been from an old Cal Star movie but I really have no idea.

    Ebony bottoms are some of my favorites, maybe try our ebony tag for more big, round ebony bottoms.

  2. Yes, sorry for bringing up something so old. But I’ve found out it’s from ‘Best of British Spanking #2 (two)’ The problem now is that I can’t seem to find it anywhere for purchase? Any idea, or is so old it’s no longer available? Thank you.

    1. It looks like you can get Best of British Spanking 16 and 17 from here… these two are made by Bizarre Video/Bizarre Production, but like I say I believe the original scene I posted was by Cal Star.

      Unfortunately, I didn’t say much about the actual movie in 2007.

      If you click the link on the actual post, then click on the movie title it leads you to CalStar’s English Discipline Series: Schoolgirl Classic: The Class of 2002… the third scene also features an ebony bottom.

      The photo I posted just looks to me like a CalStar scene, though I could be wrong. As an example, there are some similar scenes on CalStar’s “English Spanking Classic 7”. Cal Star have made A LOT of spanking movies over the years… there are way too many for me to go through right now but many of them feature some very nice round, brown bottoms from the era you are looking for.

      I hope this helps, would love to know if you find it.

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