Spanking Server

Naughty girl arrested for a spanking

We’ve been around for a while now without mentioning Spanking Server… so here’s a short preview.

Spanking Server is a nice site. In a nutshell, they have plenty of updates of hot babes getting spanked and whipped. Yup, there’s spanking, caning, strapping and whipping of girls’ pussies and backs with floggers. From what I’ve seen the action is pretty no-nonsense without too much of an intro and minimal talk. A lot of the times the girls are tied down to a bench, fixed into stocks or tied standing up for a flogging. And that’s pretty much it other than to say the girls tend to be HOT and the punishments are HARD!!

While it’s hard it tends to be more of a short, sharp shock from what I’ve seen. Here’s a nice post-caning bottom shot..

Girl's caned cheeks close-up

For more check out Spanking Server!

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