Kay Richards

Kay Richards gets her bare bottom spanked by Clare's hairbrush

It feels like it’s been a while since we had some Kay Richards getting a nice, bare bottom spanking so today’s post may well be long overdue. In fact, in this movie Kay is determined to show that she is a reformed character. To prove that she is a “good girl” she even films herself giving herself a self-spanking. While the self-spanking is admirable, her fans will know that she needs to be dealt with firmly over the knee and that is exactly what brothel madam Clare finally does. Kay gets a good hard hand-spanking and the hairbrush in this slut spanking scene…

Kay Richards gets her bare bottom spanked by Clare’s hairbrush – gallery

While I’m slightly disappointed that this is one of the few scenes in which Kay does not get naked, that is not to say that it is not a very nice scene. The lack of nudity is replaced by some tall, black, patent leather boots that are a part of Kay’s callgirl outfit. While her big breasts are not fully exposed during the spanking they are almost falling out of her tight and slutty top, and of course, her bottom is bared.

The concept of Kay suddenly becoming a “good girl” is somewhat amusing but she seems to try hard to convince us that it’s the case. But justice finally prevails when Clare steps in and sees through the thin veil of pretence and gives poor Kay a well-deserved spanking.

It’s a joy to be reunited with Kay’s big, white bottom and it looks delicious as Clare spanks it into various shades of red and pink. The very tall boots are like shiny, leather stockings which adds to the kinkiness of this scene. Watch the full movie only at Spanked Callgirls!

Spanked Callgirls

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