Pixie’s Juggling Act

Naughty Pixie gets a hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom as she lies across Veronica's lap
Naughty Pixie gets a hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom as she lies across Veronica’s lap

Today’s update comes from the “Juggling Act” update on Punished Brats. It’s a lovely scene which gets quite hard, as you can see in the above photo. Pixie has been asked not to juggle inside the house but she decides not to listen and juggles dangerously with tennis balls near some of Veronica’s delicate ornaments, she’s obviously furious and is determined to teach Pixie a painful lesson.

The scene starts with Pixie looking very pretty in her pink vest and shorts with her hair up in bunches. As she juggles she looks both cute and very naughty at the same time, especially when she is caught by Veronica standing in the doorway. Veronica is a hard spanker and she is in no mood to go easy on Pixie today. She is pulled over the knee and it is not long before those little shorts have been pulled down and her pert, round bottom is getting swatted with the large, wooden hairbrush. As mentioned, this is a hot spanking scene!

I like the above photo! As well as showcasing Pixie’s amazing ass as one of the meanest-looking hairbrushes I’ve ever seem lands down on it, you also get a lovely view of her cleavage. The “downblouse” aspect of spanking is there for all to see… the more fidgetting and wriggling that goes on the more the opportunity for intimate parts of the naughty lady to be shown off to all and sundry. The cuter the girl and the harder the spanking the more the wriggling and the chances for wardrobe malfunctions increase. Pixie is a beautiful babe and it’s always a joy to watch her getting spanked, and photos like the one above that show her pretty blue eyes, round bottom and lovely boobs show you all you need to know!

For plenty more of gorgeous Pixie and strict Veronica and all the other naughty brats go to Punished Brats!

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