Sarah Gregory In Therapy

Sarah Gregory in therapy with Chelsea Pfeiffer

This video sees Sarah Gregory getting some therapy for some issues she also has in her real life, such as taking care of herself and eating properly.

Spanking is perfect for therapy of this kind, when used properly, safely, sanely and consensually it can reinforce ideas that the spankee already knows are the way they should be living their life. I have heard of instances where ladies have used spanking as a means to help themselves to stop smoking, or, as in this case, eat properly.

Sarah’s therapist is none other than Chelsea Pfeiffer. Watch Sarah get a very realistic hard bare bottom spanking from Chelsea to try and fix all her problems. To make sure that Sarah gets the message Chelsea bares her bottom and not only spanks and paddles her bare bottom, but also bends her over the back of the sofa for a strapping!

Watch this scene as well as many other updates of naughty Sarah Gregory getting her comeuppance and also spanking her sexy girlfriends as she switches in the amazing scenes at Sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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  1. If Chelsea was my spanking therapist I would miss all my quotas in order to go across her lap as much as possible. She makes me weak at the knees.

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