Clare’s Spanking Fantasy

Steve Fuller spanks his stalker Clare Fonda OTK on the bed

In this update from Spanked Sweeties, Clare Fonda acts out one of her spanking fantasies. We all know that she can be very strict with the ladies on her websites but sometimes we forget that Clare is actually in need of a good, hard spanking herself.

Steve Fuller has not shot any spanking vids for a while so stalker, Clare Fonda, tries to get him to come back. At first she wants him to spank me but then it gets too hard. Clare never knew Steve had such a hard hand when she was home watching him in the spanking videos. And, that is exactly what she gets… a nice long, hard hand spanking on her white, delicate bottom.

Clare’s ass gets very red indeed, as you can see in this photo. It’s a great OTK shot which shows all the emotion and feeling behind a very hard, hand spanking…

Clare Fonda's bottom gets very red as her bare bottom gets spanked hard

Sometimes in spanking scenes, especially with pornstars or glamour models, the spankee can sometimes get an easy time. Not in this case! With a spanker who spanks hard and a spankee who is able to take a lot of punishment this scene is dynamite. It could almost be a husband and wife domestic discipline scene.

There may be more of Clare’s spanking fantasies in the future, but for now this update is there to download in full only at Spanked Sweeties.

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