Spanked in Two Parts from Two Angles

The first part of the spanking: girl's face as she's spanked

Disciplinary spankings should be handed out evenly according to merit.. naughty girls get spanked for their naughtiness! This is the theory but everyone is human, even the teachers at Girls Boarding School, so it should be no surprise that certain girls just tend to wind certain teachers up. When a teacher gets irritated by a pretty girl it’s almost too easy to find her breaking the rules.

I think today’s update features one of those girls. She’s a cute brunette with a lovely, plump round bottom that seems to beg for a hard OTK spanking. Especially when she’s naked except for her school blouse. Check out her legs as she bends forward over the drawers – her naked, slightly chubby legs leading into her big, round butt look extremely spankable!

And, it certainly looks like this cutie gets quite a paddling. With us seeing her face wince with the initial smacks, then panning back in the second part to see her voluptuous body as she bends over for the paddle. She is very sexy, I like seeing hot chicks wearing nothing but a smart shirt and here the spanking and glimpses of her tender tits make it a very hot spanking indeed.

The second part of the spanking: her cute body bending over and her ass getting paddled

Click the above photos to see the two spanking galleries and check out Girls Boarding School for loads more sexy and strict disciplinary spankings.

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