During and After A Spanking

Two views of a spanking at Girls Boarding School

Here are two views of the same spanking. The first view is the traditional view of the spanking, the shots are screen caps and they show this hot babe getting a good, hard spanking over-the-knee. First she is spanked over her striped trousers then she pushes them right the way down to her ankles and the spanking continues with the trousers bunched up at her feet with her bottom and legs completely bared..

Two views of a spanking at Girls Boarding School

The second view
shows the well-spanked babe in the aftermath. The shots of the babe stood with her red ass on display are very nice. I love the sight of the girls trousers almost like ankle-cuffs at the bottom of her curvy legs. See her spanking movies at the Girls’ Boarding School

Girls Boarding School

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