Lying Daughter

Sarah Gregory gets pulled over the knee by Miss Chris in Lying Daughter

Sometimes a lot of what is good about a fantasy is unintelligible. It’s good because it hits all the right buttons, but we’re not necessarily aware of exactly what the buttons are. Here, in this movie, is a good example of what I’m talking about!

Sarah Gregory has been caught lying by her Mom, Miss Chris, in this scene. It has everything I want in a spanking scene, namely tits, ass and spanking.. but it also has an extra ingredient. It just feels right. Miss Chris could really be Sarah’s mom and she does a very good job at disciplining the wayward beauty!

Sarah has been telling her mother that she is a waitress, until one day, one of her mom’s co-workers recognizes the photo on her desk as “Trixie” the stripper. When Sarah’s mom confronts her about this she continues to lie right to her face. Eventually when the truth comes out, she is in for one of the hardest hand and hairbrush spankings ever that brings REAL tears to her eyes.

Sarah Gregory gets pulled over the knee by Miss Chris in “Lying Daughter”

See sexy Sarah get her comeuppance in various states of undress as she gets spanked and spanks some of the people in her world. The latest update sees Sarah get punished while working as a hotel maid during a spanking convention…

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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