Cutie Spankee Update

modern spanking: japanese girl uses her sister's credit card again

Cutie Spankee is a Japanese spanking site that shows all sides of spanking in Japan. Above you have a modern scene. A naughty girl has borrowed her sister’s credit card for a shopping spree… AGAIN!! Of course, this time her sister has had enough and gives the naughty girl a good, hard lesson.

Below, in a more traditional scene, a girl skips summer school to go swimming and is caught and disciplined. The girl is wearing a sailor suit and the lady spanking her is wearing a Japanese kimono so it could almost have happened at any time since the cane was invented. I forget what this type of cane is called, it has a name, I’ll try and find out…

old-fashioned spanking: caught skipping summer school

There’s more of the cutest Japanese spanking (with some nice Japanese girls squealing) in the movies at Cutie Spankee!

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