Mary Jane’s Perfect Spanked Bubblebutt

Mary Jane shows off her perfect bubble butt as she sticks it out for a spanking

Mary Jane was discliplined by her mom and even a babysitter growing up. She tells her spanking stories in vivid detail in her interview at Spanked Sweeties. Mary Jane is a very friendly girl but she has a naughty streak and a bottom that begs for a thrashing, and she got them until she was about 16. After she has talked all about her real life spankings it’s time to re-enact some of those scenes and turn them into sexy spanking fantasies. Mary Jane gets spanked by Clare Fonda and a guy who plays a client a dungeon where Mary Jane was a very popular submissive. And then, we see an amazing scene where Mary Jane and Kay Richards switch in a very beautiful, very sexy lesbian scene where both ladies switch. This is a lovely shot of Mary Jane kissing Kay, her leashed “slave”…

Mary Jane kisses her submissive girlfriend Kay Richards in this very sexy lesbian bondage spanking scene

Mary Jane has the most amazing bottom I’ve ever seen. for a white girl that thing is a real thing of beauty and a rare find! Taut and round and firm. She sticks it out nice and far, like a good girl, when she is bending over and taking a spanking. In fact, she is beautiful, as you can see, with a body to die for. And when she gets spanked by Kay and Clare you get a very hot series of scenes!

If you like watching interviews with beautiful models who talk about their real life spanking experiences, then act them out in some very sexy spanking movies then you need to check out Spanked Sweeties!!

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