Sarah’s Halloween Spanking

Sarah Gregory's Spellbound halloween spanking gallery

As it’s the season for all things spooky, today’s update sees Sarah Gregory getting up to some spooky magic at “witch school”. Of course, as it is Sarah, things do not work out as planned and the naughty trainee-witch is turned over her professor’s knee for a sexy halloween spanking!

Witch Sarah has been called to her Professor’s office for chanting a spell in spell class that went wrong. Her assignment was to cast a spell to make a book levitate, but instead the whole gymnasium disappeared. Professor Rogers is not too happy. He spanks this naughty witch to teach her not to cast a spell unless she is sure of it.

Sarah Gregory’s Spellbound halloween spanking gallery

See sexy Sarah get her comeuppance in various states of undress as she gets spanked and spanks some of the people in her world. As well as the Spellbound update, one of the most recent updates sees Sarah and Kat St. James get spanked during a slumber party

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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