Submissive Greta’s Flogging

This isn’t the usual kind of spanking we have here but sometimes a change is a good thing. Here we have sexy Euro babe, Greta, getting a slow, controlled flogging from her Master. So it’s more BDSM than spanking but the bottom is definitely involved. The reason the gallery is here is that we like it. Greta is sexy and we love seeing her in her submissive poses as her butt gets whipped. See some samples in the whipping gallery.

There are two kinds of punishment that we cover here, both are sexual and involve consenting adults: one is a foreplay-style, the other is a punishment-style. While the foreplay spanking may hurt a little it is mainly for show.. the punishment spanking will hurt a lot. Here the flogger will not be hurting Greta’s pretty bottom very much but we like the beautiful photos. The setting, photography and sexy Greta all make this gallery and accompanying video well worth viewing.

Submissive Greta's Flogging

House of Taboo

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