Lisa from Girls Boarding School

Lisa from Girls Boarding School

There are a few girls who we love to see getting a good spanking! There’s just something about them that makes them cute, sexy and very, very spankable… Lisa is one of those girls! She’s cute, has a great body and just seems to be very naughty.

For us she is one of the princesses of OTK.. we love seeing her spanked in any position but it’s in this position that she really sets the screen alight. Here, in Lisa’s OTK spanking gallery we see Lisa waiting in the headmaster’s study for him to give her a good OTK hand-spanking on her bare bottom. Lisa is at her best when she’s over the knee and this is a good example to show off her tight ass and long legs in her pretty sky blue skirt and matching thong.

Why is Lisa such a star when she’s being spanked OTK?

Well, firstly, she looks amazing from all 3 angles. From behind her legs and ass are just perfect and it’s a joy to watch her buns get a medium-paced, steady smacking while her pigtails bob and twitch in the distance. From the side you get a very nice view of Lisa’s long legs, you see her ass poking up in the air and you see the submissive position of her body as she lies across the knee. And then, possibly our favorite view is from the front. The front view shows us Lisa’s cute face as she reacts to her spanking with her pigtails hanging down to her pert, teen breasts with her raised ass in the background getting slapped repeatedly.

And, secondly, going back to Lisa’s OTK position, I’m not sure how to describe how Lisa is perched but it looks very submissive and different from most other girls. She’s not bending over as far as maybe she should do so she has to almost hang onto the legs of her spanker who has to reach a little farther to smack her tushy. While I’m sure Lisa doesn’t plan how they lie over the knee when she’s spanked… the results look very hot indeed!!

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