Lisa hand-spanked OTK for stealing money

Lisa hand-spanked OTK for stealing money

Theft is a serious crime and needs to be punished properly. So, when naughty Lisa gets caught red-handed her punishment is a hard bare-bottom spanking. See the previews in this gallery.

A lot of spankers treat a hand-spanking as a warm-up for the main spanking which will be with an implement such as a paddle, strap or cane. Here, this spanker shows that a hand-spanking can be the main punishment if it is hard enough on the bare bottom. Even from seeing the pictures its clear that naughty Lisa is getting spanked hard. Her face shows her honest reactions to the painful spanks…

Lisa hand-spanked OTK for stealing money

As well as showing that you only need your own hands to give a naughty girl a really hard punishment. This scene also shows Lisa from some very erotic angles. The shot from the rear, showing Lisa’s tight ass is great, so is the closeup of her face as her naughty ass is spanked.. but, the shot looking down from above shows a new and just as welcome side of sexy Lisa.

From above you get to see the shape Lisa’s back makes as it flows into her round bottom, you see her head moving and her cute pigtails swishing through the air, you see her legs and arms tensed up as she supports herself.. and.. you get to see a hand on her waist holding her in position while the other hand swings down on her delicious red rump.

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