Learning with Leather

Adrienne Black tastes the tawse on her bare bottom in school uniform
Adrienne Black tastes the tawse on her bare bottom in school uniform

Today we have an ode to leather from this week’s updates at Firm Hand Spanking. And what better way to see how lovely ladies react to some leather discipline than by observing the gorgeous duo of Adrienne Black and Samantha Woodley. Both ladies lie across the padded furniture in the livingroom with their pert bottoms bared, Adrienne gets the strap and Samantha gets the heavy, leather belt. As always, these two scenes are not only beautifully shot and sexy, but there is some very nice and firm punishment of these two lovely ladies…

Mocking Earl Grey by dressing in a provocative school uniform will only earn beautiful Adrienne Black extra swats with a smarting leather tawse! “I had to lie over a footstool,” explains Adrienne, “so at least my bottom wasn’t so stretched as bending over. But it still stung like hell!” See those panties come down as she submits to a well-deserved strapping in College Discipline!

Samantha Woodley's stinging attitude adjustment with a belt
Samantha Woodley’s stinging attitude adjustment with a belt on her beautiful bare bottom

The style and classiness of Samantha Woodley is something to savor, as her bare bottom is soundly strapped with a thick leather belt! Her style and energy is matched by Eric Strickman in her new series, Learning Curve. The heavy leather sizzles her butt enough to make even Samantha wince, and her facial reactions are absolutely priceless!

To watch all three of these updates plus the huge archive of pretty babes reaping the rewards of their constant bratting and bad behaviour, check out Firm Hand Spanking.

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