Lisa Strapped for not Sweeping the Stairs

Lisa Strapped for not Sweeping the Stairs

No matter how good a girl tries to be, sometimes her mind wanders and before long she’s drifted onto something else without doing her chores. In this case Lisa hasn’t done her one chore of sweeping the stairs so she’s frog-marched out to the villa stairs and she is strapped on her bare bottom while she sweeps every stair outside in the hot sun. See the samples in the strapping gallery.

But, even when she has sweeped every stair the strict headmaster doesn’t feel as though she’s had enough of a punishment yet. He tells Lisa to bend over and continues to strap her naughty, forgetful rear in the midday sun, her naked bottom and tearful cries out where everyone can see and hear them.

Lisa is given a humiliating outdoor punishment for a while until the headmaster feels that it would be better to finish Lisa’s hard strapping in private. He takes her back indoors where he found her slacking off and makes her assume the same position she was in outside: legs straight, bending right over with her hands resting on a coffee table. With Lisa in position and out of the sun and stares of the other girls he rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck into making poor Lisa really sorry she broke her promise and didn’t do her chore.

This is a hard spanking. Seeing Lisa struggle to sweep the stairs as she’s strapped is very hot but the punishment really does get hard when he gets her inside and makes the tears flow freely down her cheeks. Watch this very sexy movie at Girls Boarding School!

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