Blue Jeans Spanking

Clare Fonda spanks Aiden Ashley in blue jeans from an update of Spanked Sweeties

I’ve had this photo of Clare Fonda spanking Aiden Ashley in blue jeans OTK on my harddisk for some time. The reason it’s there is because I really like it… The black and white means that it could be set almost anwhere. Clare is wearing an overcoat so it gives it the feel that it’s possibly outdoors, but you can see some sockets on the wall and it is definitely indoors, so my theory, based just on the photo would be that the spanking is happening in a public building like a train station. Because it’s a black and white photo it could have been pretty much any time. Why would a strict lady in her overcoat be spanking a naughty girl in jeans in a train station?

For me one picture can lead to a whole fantasy, especially one with a few little clues as to what might be happening, like this one. So, if we assume that my guess as to where they were was correct it could be that Clare and Aiden were going to travel somewhere by train. Aiden made them miss their train for some reason… that could be the reason that Clare had to yank her over the knee in public, right there in the station building.

But that is just my mini fantasy based on one black and white photo. You can watch this spanking movie and discover the real reason for the spanking along with an interview by never-been-spanked Aiden Ashley at Spanked Sweeties!!

It is a delightful spanking and Aiden Ashley’s first ever spankings. Her reactions to the spanking are exactly how you’d expect from someone who has never been spanked before. She spends a lot of the time twisted round so that she can see Clare’s hand slapping her bottom, and she fidgets and wriggles the whole time. You’ll love Aiden’s slim body and cute, little, pert bubble butt!

Never Been Spanked Girls at Spanked Sweeties

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