Ariel X

I’ve been thinking recently about some of the newer spanking models on the scene. Ladies like Mary Jane, who we saw in the Bootylicious Big Butt Spankings post. Mary Jane is a lovely curvy brunette with small breasts, a tiny waist and a big bottom. If she were to look towards one of the more established ladies as a role model, she could do a lot worse than Ariel X!

Ariel has similar attributes: highlighted brown hair, small boobs and a lovely, firm, round bottom. She has a face that is both very beautiful and also quite strict-looking with her high cheekbones and angular bone structure. Her amazing looks and tight body mean that you’ll have seen Ariel X in many different fetish scenes including glamour, bondage, spanking, lesbian sex and masturbation. Wherever I’ve seen Ariel she’s looked like the ultimate professional.

Recently, she was on My Spanking Roommate where she was spanked alongside Pixie by Clare Fonda

Ariel X gets spanked by Clare Fonda on the sofa as Pixie looks on

A scene like this with three lovely ladies, two of whom get their fantastic bottoms spanked, is a thing of beauty. Ariel’s lovely bottom is shown off to good effect as she is spanked over Clare’s knee on the sofa as Pixie watches.

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

But, not only does she take a good spanking but we can see that Ariel is no shrinking violet when she steps into the ring wearing only a tiny bikini…

Chloe Camilla vs Ariel X in lesbian wrestling at Ultimate Surrender

Here, Ariel X is about to take on Chloe Camilla in season eight of the lesbian wrestling website Ultimate Surrender.

While she may be tiny and petite, it is also obvious that Ariel is toned and in peak physical fitness. At 5’3″ she is often much smaller than her opponent but that does not stop her from winning more matches than she loses, and actually winning the whole tournament one year.

In this matchup her opponent is a newbie, Chloe Camilla AKA The Conqueror, who has never wrestled before. As you’d expect when an experienced pro takes on a pretty inexperienced opponent the result is like a lamb to the slaughter and Ariel X AKA The Assassin gives the newcomer a lesson in the art of lesbian wrestling.

It takes about 3 minutes for Chloe to realize she has no hope and is getting her ass thoroughly kicked! Ariel schools the rookie, she makes Chloe tap out and submit to crushing legs scissors. She uses figure four head lock and fingers a helpless and beaten Conqueror on the mat. Ariel face sits and rubs her wet pussy all over Chloe’s face, and she is helpless to stop her. Chloe is turned into rag doll as Ariel X pulls off hold after hold that Chloe cannot escape. After humiliating and beating the bigger girl, Ariel X strap-on fucks the pathetic loser in one of the most brutal round fours we have ever seen. Welcome to Ultimate Surrender, Chloe.

Ultimate Surrender

So, we know that Ariel has the will and ability to dominate and here she is on top again. This time there is a classroom setting for a nice OTK belt punishment for one naughty “schoolgirl” who is both late for class and chewing gum…

Teacher, Ariel X, punishes a hot blonde student for lateness with the leather belt

The other students* watch as the hot blonde gets her panties pulled down and the teacher, Ariel X, uses a belt on her amazing, juicy bubblebutt. While all eyes are on the naughty spankee in this OTK session check out Ariel in those smart trousers during the buildup to the punishment. Those tight, teacher’s trousers really show off her killer ass!!

Bad Tushy

So yes, Ariel is not only very attractive and very fit but she looks amazing whether she is on the receiving end of a spanking or if she is giving one.

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

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