Hot Pants – Double Spanking

Addie Juniper spanks Natalia Love in Hot Pants at Girl Spanks Girl

Today we have Addie Juniper (who spank-o’s might remember from Clare Fonda’s “Exclusive Education 2”) spanking latina babe Natalia Love. In fact, Addie is getting Natalia back because her own bottom has already been well warmed! If you saw “Exclusive Education 2” you’ll know that Addie is very responsive to getting spanked, she has a very low pain tolerance so every smack makes her howl.. At first I thought that she was over-acting but after studying the movies she’s just very responsive.. and I did study those movies very carefully indeed (cough)!

When the tables are turned Addie seems far happier in administering a hard spanking to her girlfriend. She starts off hand-spanking over the hotpants, then the pants come down and Natalia’s bare bottom (bare except for a tiny thong) is spanked more and more.. then, is that a hairbrush I see on the bed???

Natalia's hotpants are pulled down and she is spanked on her bare ass cheeks

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