Veronica Daniels and Clare Fonda Battle it Out

Ms Daniels is the manager of a hotel and Clare is staying in her hotel. By all accounts Clare is having a very enjoyable stay, in fact, Veronica Daniels has heard all about her stay from other guests complaining about the sexual noises at all times of the night and day. Time for the confrontation…

Clare makes her excuses but Veronica sees through her lies and gets straight to the point.. in this case her point is a hard bare bottom spanking for her most unruly of guests. That should bring some order to her establishment…

Veronica Daniels and Clare Fonda spank some goodness into each other

But after the spanking Clare spots something in Ms Daniels’ bra.. what is that? She asks… it turns out the hotel manager has been a naughty girl herself and in order to stop Clare from telling all to her husband Veronica lets Clare spank her tender, white cheeks.

This really is cougar on cougar spanking at it’s finest. Highlights include the sound of Clare’s high-pitched voice after her spanking and Veronica’s big, white bottom as Clare spanks it hard.. it really is very white and it turns very pink. I also liked the pantyhose getting rolled down to the thighs so that they’re almost like stockings for the final spanking and Veronica being very submissive and addressing her guest as Ms Clare. Nice touches to a very nice OTK spanking movie…

Clare gets revenge when she finds Veronica's drugs and threatens to tell her husband

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